Scarlet Pearl Casino employees receive domestic violence training

Today employees at the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort began a special type of training to spot signs of domestic violence.

Employees at the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort are gaining new knowledge when it comes to domestic violence awareness this week. Scarlet Pearl CEO Luann Pappas said, “I think it’s an important education again, for not just our associates but their families and for the community.”

This training was mandated for all employees of the Scarlet Pearl so that they can better understand the signs of domestic violence.

Presenters from the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence and YJ Empowerment Solutions are hosting presentations on how to spot situations of domestic violence as well as how employees can help themselves or others who may be experiencing abuse. Dr. Yolanda Jerry with YJ Empowerment Solutions said, “We want to make sure that they understand what is abusive, and how can they get the help, and how can we offer the help and give them the help that they need.”

Dr. Jerry says the ability to reach and educate hundreds of people about domestic violence can have a big impact. “Some people don’t have cell phones, some people don’t have technology, so one way to do that is to be able to bring it in-house, to be able to bring awareness.”

In addition to this training, the Scarlet Pearl will continue to combat abuse by donating $10,000 to the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence for continuing education and support for victims of violence. “It is for the betterment of the community. It’s one of our key pillars is to ensure that we do what’s best for our community.”

“It shows unity within the community and it shows that we want to make sure that our community is taken care of.”

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