Scarlet Pearl Addresses Resident Concerns About Construction

The Scarlet Pearl Casino will mean a big economic boom for the City of D’Iberville, but any big change to a city often can cause friction with the residents who live nearby.

Roy Anderson Corp is hosting an informal meet-and-greet for local residents. Here they can mingle with developers and the construction company representatives to discuss concerns and get up to date information. Wednesday, News 25 spoke with city officials who say they’re happy with how the company is progressing in D’Iberville.

From design to construction, the Scarlet Pearl has taken extra steps to integrate themselves into the City of D’Iberville. Hank Rogers, Community Development Director for D’Iberville, says, “They’ve done a good job of making sure that the police department, public works, building department are all involved as well as the local community whenever they’re doing something major like pouring concrete early in the morning.”

Developers have designed the casino to fit the French market look D’Iberville is planning to implement in other areas of the city, and they are working directly with residents and businesses who may have concerns. Rogers also says, “Any time he’s had any issues, no matter how small they were. He’s trying to maintain his little seafood business and with traffic in and out, but anytime he’s had an issue they’ve been quick to step in and take care of it.”

While dirt at the construction site is being moved and work is being done underground, renderings brought to the city Wednesday mean in a few months, residents will start to see work coming up out of the ground. Rogers closes, “Today, we got what we call the 75% construction documents, which is almost a full set, but enough of a set of drawings that we can go ahead and review these.”

Rogers says the city can now review the drawings for code regulations and public safety. He says construction is 7 to 15 days ahead of schedule and looking to keep moving along on time.

Click on the video at left to view our live interview with Roy Anderson Corp representative, Frank Ellsworth.

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