Save lives at the annual Katrina Blood Drive

Each year on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we look back on the devastation the storm brought to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but the American Red Cross is looking forward.
The blood drive at the Edgewater Mall was held today and will continue Wednesday from noon until 7 p.m.
With thousands in our neighboring states getting slammed with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey now is the time to help save a life. D’Iberville Resident Julia Platt remembers driving down Highway 90 for the first time after Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast 12 years ago. “I could not tell where anything was. I mean because it was wiped clean and it was really frightening.”
Now, she’s made the annual American Red Cross Katrina Blood Drive a tradition. “We lost everything during Katrina. This is one way after we got back on our feet that I could donate, that I could help others.”
Donors filled the seats for the blood drive at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi. Some hoping their donation might help Hurricane Harvey victims. Those impacted by Katrina years ago know how it feels to be hit with a disaster. Biloxi Resident Rohul Amin said, “You lost your house. You lost something. People on the street. You’re losing many things. It’s very hard.”
According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. Your donation could save up to three lives. The annual blood drive occurs at a time where Red Cross officials say there’s a critical need. “There’s not as much blood on hand and we need to make sure that we have that.”
If you do plan on making a donation, make sure to bring a photo ID, a donor card if you have one, eat a good meal, and drink plenty of water. Denise Smith with American Red Cross said, “The Coast has come back so strong and I don’t think we could have done it without others from Louisiana and Texas and everywhere else coming in to help us.”
And now, it’s our turn to help.

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