Saucier teen battling Crohn’s Disease opening business and youth organization

A Saucier teen decided to start his own business in 2017 geared toward teens dealing with the struggles of everyday life by spreading positivity and love.

Now he is in the process of opening ‘Hunter’s Rainbow,’ a youth organization and store.

In 2017 at age 12, Hunter Paige was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and had to stop attending regular school and become home schooled due to his illness. That same year his grandfather died from cancer. To help cope with this disease and the death of his grandfather he turned to social media. “So, I turned to Facebook and I discovered tumbler shows and I started making a tumbler and it just came about and I felt like I wanted to something special for it so I put youth and crafts together.”

Hunter started creating custom tumblers to help raise money to help his family during that difficult time. “With Crohn’s, it’s an everyday battle. You don’t want to wake up in the morning, you are immediately hurting all the time if you eat the wrong foods.”

Hunter began posting positive videos while doing his crafts to help inspire those dealing with sicknesses and also help teens dealing with struggles of everyday life. He eventually came up with Hunter’s Rainbow. “Hunter’s Rainbow is a youth organization that provides a future, a colorful future, for teens in their upcoming years. So many teenagers are discriminated against, bullied for doing what they want to do. So, my mission is not only change that in the community, but around the world.”

Since starting his business, Hunter has amassed a large social media following and partnered with over 100 businesses and organizations with over 18 awards, multiple celebrity endorsements, and over 1,000 filmed live episodes. “It’s really awesome. Just like proof that you can just start from the bottom and build your way up.”

Hunter is now 17 and in the process of opening up his first store front and youth organization facility in Saucier. The store will sale all of his crafts along with other teens looking to sale their products. The facility will also be an outlet for youth mentoring. “We are going to teach them life skills, how to interact with the public, get them ready for customer service. A lot of teenagers, their first job is fast food.”

Hunter says the goal is to give teenagers a safe space.

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