Saucier couple in animal cruelty case get animals back

After a year of being separated from their animals, a Saucier couple that was found not guilty of multiple counts of animal cruelty in April have now been reunited with all but one of their animals.

Sharon and Daniel Bertok were arrested and charged in 2020 after over 100 animals were found living on their property in what Harrison County law enforcement called ‘deplorable conditions. ‘

After being found not guilty, the Bertoks have slowly been given their animals back. Today, the parrots, monkey, and fox returned home.

Michael Crosby, the Bertok’s attorney, says the case was a big misunderstanding and that his clients’ lives are dedicated to taking care of their animals. “Maybe something good will come out of this. Maybe people will see what’s happening and learn to not come to judgment without getting all the evidence. And the internet can be a very hurtful thing. The comments made at the end of the article and on the internet, they were very hurtful. They were portraying the Bertok’s in a way that did not correctly identify them. It was portraying them the opposite of the way they are.”

A couple of the animals perished while being held. Crosby says they’ll look into what happened.

The only animal that has yet to return to the Bertoks is Elvis the pig.

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