Santa Claus stops by WXXV

Who is that wrapped in red with a beard white as snow? It’s none other than Santa Claus!

While the elves are hard at work in the North Pole getting ready for the big Christmas Eve ride, Santa paid WXXV a visit. He delivered lots of toys and goodies from his sleigh to the staff and his jolly ol’ laugh decked the halls.

Santa apologized to all of his Coast friends for bringing the North Pole weather with him during his visit.

He also talked about his favorite part of being Santa, seeing the joy on children’s faces. Santa sent out a special message just for them before he had to leave to make his way back to the North Pole. “They need to go to sleep so Santa can come. I do like milk and cookies. And the sooner they go to sleep, the sooner I’ll be there, and the sooner they can wake up and open their presents.”

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