Sanitation robots helping Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System during pandemic

The Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System has employed the help of some robots to help keep its hospitals clean, two of which can be found in Biloxi.

Say hello to one of the Biloxi VA Environmental Management Service’s newest additions: Tru-D, a smart UVC disinfection robot. At the end of 2020, the Gulf Coast Veterans Health System acquired four sanitation machines, two of which reside in Biloxi.

The Tru-D’s are unique because they kill germs on hard, non-porous surfaces through the use of ultraviolet light and the robot doesn’t need to be moved around the room, like other disinfecting machines. EMS Housekeeping Supervisor Dennis Hughes said, “Everything that can be open: trays, drawers, garbage cans, anything. Make sure everything is open. We gotta have to make sure it’s, the optimal best is to be in the center of the room.”

Tru’D’s settings are controlled on iPads where the cleaning cycle can be chosen and the estimated time for disinfection is displayed.  EMS Housekeeping Supervisor Michael Pace said, “It was an easy machine to learn how to operate. They had one of the representatives come down to give us some training on it. It’s pretty much very easy to do.”

These machines are always used when there is a COVID positive case and can disinfect anything from patient rooms to operating rooms. This particular Tru-D has already cleaned more than 170 rooms in the Biloxi VA Hospital. “I guess it gave us another sense of security that everything’s being sanitized very well. We still go through our two-step cleaning process first and then once we put Tru-D in there it just gives us that extra added security that the room is being well sanitized.”

Pace believes sanitation machines like Tru-D is the future of cleaning.

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