Sanctuary cities in Mississippi

State lawmakers have agreed to a bill to ban immigration sanctuary policies.
The Senate agreed Tuesday to changes the House made in Senate Bill 2710. It now heads to Governor Phil Bryant.
The bill says cities, state agencies, and public colleges cannot prevent employees from asking someone’s immigration status. These public agencies also cannot give legal status to people who entered the country without permission, such as by issuing an ID card.
The bill would override Mississippi’s only sanctuary policy: a 2010 Jackson ordinance that prevents police officers from asking about immigration status.
Local immigration leaders are afraid of what this bill means for younger, undocumented immigrants. Melinda Medina with the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance said, “It allows personal information like immigration statuses to be revealed to other government agencies that can possibly come back and take or put in detention these undocumented people, especially people at college universities and junior colleges and regular community college and they might even target our public schools.”
Governor Bryant has voiced support for the measure.

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