Sam Britton to run for Mississippi Secretary of State

After serving one term as the Southern District’s public commissioner, Sam Britton will be throwing his hat into a bigger ring.

Britton will be running for secretary of state, opposing Republican candidate Michael Watson ahead of the August primary.

During his time as commissioner, Britton played a key role in the Kemper project, saving tax-payers more than two percent on their utility bills.

Britton tells News 25 that while his first term was even more successful than he could have imagined, there is still more that he’d like to do. “We should have a goal that our personal income exceeds the national average and we’re on the bottom right now. It’s been proven that this can be done, you know, you get what you focus on. We need to start working and change our conversation because we can do it. We have the people and we have the resources. So, we just need to go to work and make it happen.”

Britton will soon begin campaigning ahead of the August primary.

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