Salvation Army sending teams to impacted areas

The Salvation Army has a team of trained volunteers that are getting ready to deploy for 14 days to help affected areas in Florida.

The Salvation Army is getting food, water, and hygiene kits ready to be sent — as well as 37 mobile feeding units and one field kitchen ready to mobilize across the impacted areas.

Morgan Shiyou — marketing coordinator at the Salvation Army — says every little bit helps and thinks the volunteers being sent are doing it out of compassion since they know what it felt like after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“The volunteers and the staff that are going to be deployed are preparing for the worst of the worst,” Shiyou said. “They are preparing to go without electricity, water, without basic necessities that we take for granted every day. They are going to go in the worst to serve people that are hurting.”

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