Salvation Army Resource Room Looks to Help People in Need

According to, the poverty rate in Mississippi is 24% and the Salvation Army does everything they can to help reduce that number.
News 25’s Kristen Durand tells us what the Salvation Army in Gulfport is doing to help those in need help themselves.
Albert Arguelles works at the Coast Coliseum, but it’s not quite enough to make ends meet. “I already have a part time job, but it’s really not enough to support myself right now, I’m looking for hopefully other full time work and I came here to see if I can do that,” Arguelles said.
The Salvation Army’s new resource room was created so people like Albert can do just that, thanks to local businesses like Ingalls Shipbuilding, who donated the computers used in the room.
The Salvation Army also partnered with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the Win Job Center to offer GED classes and help people find the resources to find jobs.
Major Gary Sturdivant, area commander, said, “If you give them fish, they eat for a day. But if you teach them how to fish, they can eat for a lifetime. So, that’s kind of what we’re doing here in the community resource room. It is not a handout but we’re trying to give them a hand-up so that they can be giving back to the community where they live.”
And since the call for help earlier this week concerning the depletion of food in their food pantry, the Salvation Army has seen an outpouring of support, so they can continue to feed families in need.
While it appears they won’t have to close down their food pantry anytime soon, the Salvation Army feeds about a thousand people a month, and it always accepting donations so they can continue making a difference in people’s live.
GED classes in the Salvation Army resource room start July 6th and are held Monday through Wednesday evening.

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