Salvation Army Needs Food Donations

The Salvation Army is in dire need of your help.
After sending loads of food to Louisiana flood victims, the Salvation Army has seen their stock of food lowered drastically.
Shelves that once held numerous canned foods are now nearly empty. The Salvation Army usually has several freezers full of meats and other frozen foods, but now they have one nearly empty if it wasn’t for recent donations by Winn-Dixie.
Last week, the Salvation Army served 140 Coast families and that’s not including individuals who came in needing help.
A recent Mississippi law affecting those using SNAP benefits has also greatly affected what the Salvation Army has in their food pantry. Salvation Army Social Service Program Coordinator Stacy Crandle said, “They have to work 25 hours a week or volunteer. So, we’re seeing an influx of people that used to qualify for SNAP benefits that are no longer qualifying for those benefits and they’re utilizing our food pantry as a source to meet that supplement.”
The Salvation Army is holding a free pancake breakfast tomorrow morning at the Kroc Center at 7:30 in Biloxi. The breakfast, sponsored by Whataburger, is to raise awareness about this issue and how you can help.

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