Salvation Army deploys to Texas

Rescue efforts are still underway as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey continue to batter Houston and East Texas with torrential flooding. While the Lone Star State is still in rescue mode, relief efforts are also continuing to roll in.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker caught up with members of the South Mississippi Salvation Army as they rolled out to help our neighbors to the west.
Doing the most good is the Salvation Army’s motto and Ronnie Simnicht plans to do just that as he and others with the South Mississippi Area Command of the Salvation Army gear up and head to Texas to lend a helping hand to storm battered residents in Texas. “We know firsthand what it means to need help in situations like this so the Salvation Army’s goal is to help as many people as we can in any way that we can.”
A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, this two week deployment is a cause and mission close to Simnicht’s heart. “You know we experienced Katrina and how long that takes to get a sense of normalcy back and try to get your lives back together. Two weeks isn’t much to ask to try to bring some hope and some happiness to these people that have been affected.”
With a caravan of two trucks stocked with supplies, Simnicht and his team will be giving out necessities from food and water to toothpaste and shampoo. “Doing anything possible to make their life easier and bring a sense of normalcy back to a natural disaster is our main goal.”
Trucks have already given out more than 50,000 meals to residents in need in Texas. So far, the Salvation Army has logged more than 8,000 hours of service provided more than 40,000 drinks, 25,000 snacks, and more than 950 comfort kits, among other things with more hot meals for storm victims on the way. “Our Mississippi Gulf Coast Canteen can feed up to one thousand people today and when we get in Baton Rouge it’s going to be fully stocked and we are just going to travel the damaged neighborhoods.”

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