Salsa singer Jerry Rivera coming to the Coast Coliseum

One of the most famous singers of the Latin world is coming to Biloxi and tickets are on sale today.

Jerry Rivera’s discography reaches back to the early 90s and the 48-year-old Salsa singer has a massive following to this day.

Rivera will come to the Biloxi Coliseum in September 2022 as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

This is all the doing of Lazaro Rovira and his company Rovira Productions. Rovira reached out to the singer, a contract was signed with the Coliseum, and the rest is history. “For years, me and my wife have been driving up and down Biloxi and we see billboards everywhere, concerts, comedian shows, but there’s never really anything for Hispanics to do. So that’s kind of what got it in my mind. And for years I’ve been waiting for someone to do it and it never got done, and we decided to pull the trigger on it.”

Tickets for the September 22nd show start at $55 each.

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