Sales Tax Holiday Weekend kicks off Friday

You can save a bundle on school supplies this weekend as the state’s sales tax holiday gets underway.

News 25’s Toni Miles shows us what’s covered and when you can take advantage of this weekend’s savings as you and yours head into the new school year.

As the clock ticks down on summer vacation, you can cut down on the cost of school supplies and clothes this weekend as Mississippi’s annual fall Sales Tax Holiday gets underway. Edgewater Mall General Manager Terry Powell expects big crowds for the annual two-day event. “That’s at least seven-percent savings, but there are going to be some great deals throughout the mall.  Dillard’s, for instance, is running an additional 40% off all their clearance items on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so that’s going to be a great deal to do some back-to-school shopping and throughout the mall.”

On Friday and Saturday, shoppers will save on the state’s seven percent sales tax on footwear, clothing, and school supplies on items up to $100 and stores are getting ready for this weekend’s big rush. “They have been. We’ve had a rush, even before this. We look for it to be even bigger this weekend. Keep your social distancing. Keep on your mask and please just be courteous.”

So just how much will you save during the Sales Tax Holiday Weekend? For every dollar you spend you will save seven cents. For every $100 you will save $7.

Here’s a list of what’s covered, school supplies including crayons, scissors, pens, pencils, and calculators are also covered this weekend as a new category.

Electronics are not included in Mississippi’s sales tax free purchases this weekend.

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