Sales Tax Holiday Kicks Off

When the clock struck midnight this morning, shoppers across the state were ready to open their wallets and start shopping.
The sales tax holiday gives shoppers a break from a seven percent sales tax until Saturday at midnight.
Early this morning, shoppers were already out at the Gulfport Premium Outlets taking advantage of no sales tax.
The holiday comes at the perfect time as parents are shopping for their kids headed back to school next week. Gulfport shopper Takyra Clark said, “I’m out here shopping for my kids. I’m having a little baby starting school. I’m just excited about shopping.” Gulfport shopper James Carter said, “We came all the way from Alexandria, Louisiana headed to Gulf Shores and just stopped by to do a little shopping before we get there. Look, it’s good that you all are offering the sale, but it’s bad for my pockets.”
The sales tax break counts toward anything ringing up under $100. For a list of eligible items and guidelines for the tax free weekend, go to the Mississippi Department of Revenue’s website.

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