Saints Report: Saints survive Buccaneers comeback in 36-27 win

No NFL quarterback has more comeback wins when trailing by 16 points or more than Tom Brady. He had a chance to do it for a ninth time in his career on Sunday, but the New Orleans Saints rose to the occasion and took the lead back for good with less than two minutes to go.

Almost a Halloween horror movie for the New Orleans Saints, who almost blew a double-digit lead for their second straight home game, but when push came to shove, it was Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers who got spooked.

The Black and Gold scored 16 of their 36 points off three turnovers by the seven-time Super Bowl champion including a drop-mic pick-six by PJ Williams with less than two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Running back Mark Ingram said, Shoutout to my dog P.J. right here with the pick-six shorty, looking like your daddy boy. Boy been studying tape, a little delay on the hip, tip toe to the pylon for the finisher. Shoutout to my dog, running that rock, toting that pill. He’s been studying tape clearly.”

Williams said, “It was a play I was for sure looking for, like coming into this game, like oh, I’m going to pick this off. I wanted to bring home a Brady ball. Wanted to get an interception from Brady, man. And just having the opportunity to do it and being able to get the pick, man, it’s very special to me.”

Running back Alvin Kamara said, “We say Super Bowl champs, whatever. But we knew what we wanted to do and we’re not scared of anybody. We come out every game. We strap up just like they strap up, and I think it was just important that we came out and we punched them in the face. Ohh, that boy good. And we did what we had to do. It is what it is. It was a bat game.”

Now three straight wins, that’s all well and good for the Saints, but perhaps bigger problems looming in the quarterback room with Jameis Winston being carted to the locker room after a second quarter knee injury. Defensive End Cameron Jordan said, “For the last now three seasons, we’ve been in this situation so it’s not new to our defense. It’s not new to our team. I think if anything, it shows you how resilient our team has been.”

Head Coach Sean Payton said, “You could never tell if you’re winning or losing when you tuned in and you saw Drew. Until the score was put up – Jameis is one of those guys that’s that way. Glass half full, sees the positives in adversity.”

Quarterback Trevor Siemian said, “I think every player in this league has some ups and downs. Your career is never linear. Mine sure hasn’t been. But I think just bouncing around like I have, you really appreciate the locker room and the guys and it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Trevor Siemian filled in admirably, but still a sour note, on what was otherwise a happy homecoming for Saints running back Mark Ingram.

Next up for the Saints, a second straight home game against the Falcons Sunday.

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