Saints not feeling the pressure

If there’s any team in the NFL that knows not to hit the panic button after a season-opening loss, it’s the New Orleans Saints even if they have lost five of those in a row.

The Black and Gold will be looking to bounce back from their 48-40 week one loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against a Cleveland Browns team that hasn’t won a game since 2016.

Moreover, the Browns haven’t won on the road since 2015 as they look to end a 21 game road losing streak on Sunday.

That could mean added pressure for the Who Dat Krewe or not depending on who you ask.  Saints linebacker Demario Davis said, “I think you just understand it’s the NFL. They’ve got a good football team. I was over there, and I know those guys are going to be ready to play.”

Saints tight end Ben Watson said, “You never know if it’s a wakeup call until you look back three weeks later and say you know what, that was the wakeup call that changed. Or you look back three weeks later and say man that was indicative of how the season is going to be. And so whether you win or lose, each game is its own problem. Each game has its own intricacies, its own game plan, and its own challenges and so the pressure in this league is to win every week. Every time you go out there on the field between those lines, your goal is to win.”

Saints defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins said, “No pressure based on their history. We just got to go out and play and win, regardless of whether it’s the ’85 Chicago Bears or the 0-16 Cleveland Browns from last year or whenever it was, we got to go out and win a game.”

The Saints and Browns kick things off from the Superdome right here on WXXV on Fox on Sunday at noon.

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