Saints Lose Yet Again, Making 3 Losses in a Row at Home

Monday night, the New Orleans Saints proved they are no longer invincible at home. For the first time since 2005, the Saints have lost three games in a row at the Superdome. The Saints held their own in the first half against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the final minutes of the 2nd quarter, the Saints went on a 91 yard drive that ended with Quarterback, Drew Brees, hooking up with Wide Receiver, Marques Colston, for a 26 yard touchdown to tie the game going into the locker room for the half, but the Saints did not come marching in during the second half. In the 3rd quarter, Brees was late on his throw to Tight End, Jimmy Graham. Will Hill intercepted the ball and returned it 44 yards for a pick six. The Ravens went on to win. The final score: Baltimore 34, New Orleans 27.

Brees says, “We got to accept what’s happened, yet remain undeterred in regards to our direction for this team and this program. We just need to win. We just need to win. Winning cures a lot of things. It certainly makes you feel better about yourself and what you’re doing, but I think that we’re gaining a maturity level as we go along here.”

The silver lining for the Who Dat Nation is that the Saints could still make the playoffs and host a playoff game. At 4-7, the Saints sit right behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South and remain in contention to win the division.

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