Saints Lose First Regular Season Game to Falcons

Unfortunately, after Week 1, the New Orleans Saints are 0-1. The Saints went tit for tat with the Atlanta Falcons all game with nearly identical stats, coming down to the very end in overtime.

Turnovers posed an issue for New Orleans in the preseason and Sunday, it was an issue that cost them the game. The play that helped end it: Atlanta’s William Moore strips Marques Colston as he crosses over the middle. Atlanta recovers, setting up Matt Bryant for a 52 yarder to end the game. The final score: Falcons – 37, Saints – 34.

Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, says, “I’d say maybe the most glaring statistic and obviously what cost us was the turnover ratio. We got one, we gave two.”

Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton, says, “You know, every once in a while you get one of these games where the score goes back and forth and the smallest details, especially when you’re in overtime just magnifies any little mistake.”

It clearly wasn’t the outcome the Saints wanted, but it wasn’t all hung heads in the locker room. According to the players, if they keep the effort put forth yesterday, the Saints have a good chance of being serious contenders this season.

Saints Right Tackle, Zach Strief, says, “Everyone is so hungry for information on who this team is because we just waited six months to find out. So the natural feeling is to jump to, ‘Is this indicative of how this team is going to play all season?’ and to be perfectly honest with you, I hope it is, because I think we played well, we didn’t make plays at the end.”

Now the Saints are left to clean up their errors in practice this week and improve the positives before traveling to Cleveland this weekend.

Saints Linebacker, Curtis Loftin, says, “When you put that hard work in and you don’t get the outcome you want, it stings, and it’s good to get that feeling. I told them get this feeling because I don’t want to get this feeling the rest of the year. Let’s go rattle off 15 in a row and get this thing going.”

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