Saints Finally Win a Game After 4 Weeks of Losses

Finally some good news for the Who Dat Nation: the New Orleans Saints won their first game in four weeks.

The Saints lit up the scoreboard Sunday afternoon with 35 points, a big game against a team who usually dominates at home. Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton, says, "It seemed like when they scored, we were able to answer. I think we played a good complimentary game today. We hadn’t done that in a while."

The Saints held the Pittsburgh Steelers to just 13 points through three quarters. Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, threw for 250 yards and five touchdowns, including a 69 yard pass to Kenny Stills, who went untouched into the end zone. Final score: Saints – 35, Steelers – 32. Payton also says, "I thought, really for 95% of the game, we did a lot of things well, excited about getting that win.”

Weak finishes have plagued the Saints throughout the entire season and it nearly cost them the game again on Sunday. The Steelers controlled the ball in the final three minutes of the game. The Saints’ defense allowed two touchdowns during that time, pushing the deficit from 12 to just 3 points. Brees says, "We’ve been in that situation too many times this year where we came out of games feeling like you know we played well enough to win and yet we didn’t finish the game the way that we wanted to. I don’t want that to be the defining thing for our team this year is the inability to finish."

With just four games left in the season, the Saints remain in the playoff hunt, currently sitting right behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South. With three of those four games being against divisional opponents, they’ll need to finish the season strong. This coming Sunday, December 7th, the Saints will host the Carolina Panthers at the Superdome.

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