Saints Face Falcons in Anniversary Game

Tonight, the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons, a game more meaningful than just a primetime Monday night game.
Today’s matchup also marks the 10 year anniversary of the Superdome reopening after Hurricane Katrina. On that September night in 2006, the Saints defeated the Falcons 23-3 which to many symbolized a rebirth of the city.
The play that will go down in history is Steve Gleason’s blocked punt. Quarterback Drew Brees said, “Maybe it is a testament to just how loud the sound of that blocked punt was. It was like a shotgun blast when Gleason took it off his foot and then the eruption of the crowd and for a second you are like “What happened?” and then you are jumping up and down and hugging guys and you just can’t be more excited. If you didn’t know before that moment, you knew it at that moment. There was no way we can lose this game.”
Prior to tonight’s kickoff, a special ceremony will be held on the field.

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