Saints adapting to new NFL business model

In a world without sports, we’re still very much living in a world that’s preparing to have sports again and have them again soon.

The best example of that is the NFL going on with its annual draft as scheduled, starting one week from today.

Perhaps no team is adapting to the new NFL business model better than the New Orleans Saints and they don’t really have any other choice.

For starters, New Orleans is considered to be one of the epicenters of the coronavirus and Head Coach Sean Payton was the first known NFL figure to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Not to mention, the organization’s draft day audible is holding the war room at Dixie Brewing Company which belongs to Saints owner Gayle Benson. Coach Payton said, “I kind of liked it because I didn’t have to deal with Bill and I could just put them on mute. I got a lot less annoyed with some of my scouts when I could just put them on mute and they were in Tennessee or California or Pennsylvania. All of a sudden I think that just comes with getting older, but we are going to, I think, there will be certain things that come from this that will not have been planned. It’ll just be like ‘hey, we can certainly function in some capacity in this way that we never thought.’”

The Saints have five picks in next week’s draft, starting with number 24 overall in the first round.

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