Safety measures for local churches during Christmas services

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services have some of the biggest turn outs all year for churches across the Coast.

During normal circumstances, most would consider that a good thing, but during a pandemic that can be trouble.

For churches in Biloxi, they’re following the same set of guidelines set by the bishop and state since they were allowed to open back up in May.

It’s their own responsibility to add additional safety measures to the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mass.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is doing their best to limit crowding by requiring parishioners to bring in tickets. They also have the total capacity limited to 25 percent.

Father Dennis is delighted to have in-person services again as long as they can make it safe for parishioners. “This parish Nativity Cathedral is 179 years old. It was the first time in all those year in which Easter services, Resurrection of the Lord, Good Friday, and all of those were not celebrated and so it makes this Christmas more important.”

Nativity BVM Cathedral, like many churches across the Coast, will also be offering virtual mass options.

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