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Starting the school year off right all starts with a safe commute. Students and teachers at St. Martin High have a much safer route to school every morning now that improvements to a hazardous intersection are finished up.
Imagine being a brand new driver, much like the students at St. Martin High School, having to cross the same dangerous intersection every morning after just getting a license. St. Martin Senior Kathryn Miller says before the new improvements to Yellow Jacket and Old Fort Bayou Road she didn’t feel completely safe on her way to school. “One side had free reign and it was really scary to pull across all the lanes and you could not always see if there was a car coming, especially like the mornings or in evenings when it was kind of dim and less sunny.”
St. Martin High is starting school for the first time since the completion of the $2.44 million project where Yellow Jacket Road and Old Fort Bayou Road meet. Jackson County crews have rid the intersection of potholes, removed sharp turns, and installed traffic lights aimed at making the heavily traveled area safer. St. Martin High School Teacher Angela Heist tells News 25 the intersection used to be a hot spot for accidents. “For new drivers it was devastating if they got off the shoulder. We had so many wrecks, especially after school when everyone’s eager just to get home.”
More than just improving safety, Heist tells News 25 the new improvements will also help the school run more efficiently this year. “It cuts down on tardies. We don’t have as many issues. It’s opened up the space for people that live here when they have to get into the school traffic and then go to work.”
Officials say the new improvements will not only benefit those who drive to school every day but also the pedestrians who will use the new crosswalks. “The improvement to the intersection has helped a lot. It’s helped the flow of traffic and helped me get to school in time easier. It’s just made it a much safer environment for all student drivers and families who just live around this community,” said Miller.

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