Safe driving during the holidays

With a high amount of traffic expected during the upcoming holiday weekend, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.
News 25’s Veronica Bayona hits the streets to talk to holiday travelers on safe driving techniques.
Linda Hillman is getting ready to hit the road for the Thanksgiving weekend. When asked about what precautions she’ll be taking during her drive, Hillman tells us “to be very careful for other people that are driving and plus the deer and animals on the road.”
Hillman says she’s been in two previous car accidents and is trying to avoid a third. Jason Cummings with Biloxi PD said, “On Thanksgiving holiday, be aware of your surroundings, there’s a lot of traffic, and especially be careful for people riding bikes and walking on the side of the roadways or crossing the intersections.”
Cummings tells News 25 that wearing seat belts, leaving with enough time to make it to your destination, and avoiding drinking and driving are the three main tips you should follow to assure your safety on the road. He also says you should be extra cautious on Highway 90 and I-10 as they will be highly congested.
Driving safely during periods of high traffic like this Thanksgiving weekend is extremely important. Just today, there was an accident that could have been prevented. “Officers arrived on scene and witnessed a white female on the sidewalk laying on the ground with her bicycle,” said Cummings.
The woman was struck by a vehicle this afternoon as she crossed the street. According to Biloxi police, a man driving a silver Honda Pilot was making a right hand turn from Cedar Lake onto Popp’s Ferry Road when he hit the woman. Reports show that the bicyclist had the right of way. The man involved was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian. “Watch yourself. Don’t be texting and driving and watch other people because I have seen a lot of people that are texting and weaving around in the road,” said Hillman.

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