S.N.I.P. opening in Jackson County

It’s the only one of its kind in Jackson County and now you can help reduce our pet population on the Gulf Coast by spaying and neutering your pets at a low cost.

‘Spay Neuter Impact Project’ or ‘S.N.I.P’ is getting ready to officially open its doors and the operating room for surgery tomorrow.

The clinic will not only offer accessible and affordable spay and neuters, but other services like vaccines, microchips, heartworm tests, and more at the time of surgery.

Founder of S.N.I.P Dr. Meg Sutton says it has been a dream of hers to create this business to not only help pet owners afford the surgery, but to save animals along the way. “I first learned the problem with animal overpopulation when I was in vet school. I had no idea how many pets were in shelters, how many animals were euthanized because there’s not enough homes for them. The more we do this and get these animals altered, the less unwanted litters we have, the less animals are gonna end up in our shelters or just on our street.”

Dr. Sutton says there has already been an outpouring of support for the clinic with nearly 150 inquiries and appointments lined up.

Their goal is to spay and neuter about 30 animals a day, 500 a month, and 6,000 a year. You can book your appointment and find more information on SNIPms.com.

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