Ryan’s Monday Night Forecast

It has been a clear Monday night so far, but showers and strong thunderstorms remain just to the North of the six coastal county area and it looks like we’ll be seeing some before the sun comes up tomorrow. Right now, the current expectation for some of the strongest storms will be right around 4:30 am, then we’ll see some gradual clearing into the evening before the rain returns and sticks around for a few more days. For the rest of today and tomorrow we will remain under at least a “marginal” threat of severe weather. This system has shown a history of dangerous hail and lightning, but we will have to wait and see what it has in store for the six coastal counties. After the break in the afternoon tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms return overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and will remain intermittently before any significant “drying” by Friday. At that point, it looks as if we will start seeing the sun again and return to “normal” spring-like weather.

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