Ryan’s Sunny Monday Night Forecast

After over a week of overcast skies, we finally got some sunny weather yesterday. That trend continued today, but sadly it looks like another long bout of rain is right around the corner. We’ll see another pleasant day tomorrow, but as we near the official start of Spring, we’re seeing temperatures getting closer to 80, and with moderate humidity it won’t be long until we’ll have some borderline uncomfortable days. The sunshine sticks around until Wednesday where we’ll start to see a few clouds move in ahead of a cold front, as well as some scattered showers. The cold front will pass us, but will remain almost stationary over the coastline from Wednesday afternoon through early Saturday, giving us a warm, humid, cloudy, and rainy lead in to the weekend. We’ll catch a few glimpse of the sun before the end of the day on Saturday and the by the next morning we’ll officially be in Spring, along with some slightly cooler and drier weather to start off next week.

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