Ryan’s Friday Evening Forecast

Friday evening’s forecast hasn’t changed much from this afternoon’s. We still have a almost insignificant chance of rain overnight and into tomorrow, but the cloud cover will stick around through the start of the weekend. As we head into Sunday afternoon, we’ll see the skies clearing and the sun will make it’s return to the Gulf Coast after a 5 day vacation. These nicer conditions will stick around well into the week but the increased sunlight will increase temperatures into the upper 70s and eventually the 80s. These temps are still manageable, but may become slightly uncomfortable as humidity levels return to normal during this increase as well. It looks like some weak low pressure waves will approach the area into Wednesday night and Thursday, but I’m not sold that they’ll be able to overpower the strong high pressure and cause any showers. It’ll take a bit longer to have some clarity on that system. Anyway, while better weather is on the way, a small craft advisory is in effect through Sunday afternoon, please enjoy the better conditions on land…

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