Ryan’s “August First” Forecast

Well it’s August first and things are really starting to heat up in the Tropics. Today, we have strong tropical wave in the Central Caribbean sea, moving Westward, with an 80% chance of tropical formation within the next two days. Likely, we’ll see the formation of Tropical Storm Earl as the system moves towards Jamaica and the Cayman Islands overnight. Local weather is a bit more boring, and the string of very similar days is not expected to end soon. I’m expecting a low tonight near 78, with partly cloudy skies and a small chance of a few isolated showers through the evening. We’ll have a small bump in temperature as we head into tomorrow afternoon, expected high near 92, with the ever-present 30% chance of a shower or t-storm popping up during the hottest parts of the day. That’s essentially the entire next week’s forecast. We will have a slight cool down on Thursday and Friday due to a small bump in cloud cover and rain chances, otherwise expect days in the low 90s and evenings in the upper 70s with seasonal humidity. We’ll have warmer temperatures initially (92) but will gradually drop as low as 89 by the start of next week.

P.S. Sorry I sound so out of breath to start the forecast. I was scrambling to get that traffic cam active and verify the accident details…all 20 seconds before the show.

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