Runners participated in Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon this weekend

Runners hit Beach Boulevard yesterday for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon.

We caught up with a few runners participating in the half marathon. For Samantha Sales, running in half-marathons is always fun and exciting for her, especially considering this is her fourth marathon since COVID.

Sales traveled down from Jackson with her husband, who has become her support system.

Running with strangers also helps her get through a marathon as they hype each other up as they head across the finish line.

Sales tells News 25 she has been training everyday since August. “Two years ago, I could barely run a mile and enjoy it. It’s just all about the process. Every week you increase slowly and slowly until you just realize ‘oh, I’m running farther than I ever have’ and so just trust the process, take your time, and it will come. There’s going to be bad weeks and good weeks and then one day you’ll be able to run more than you ever could.”

Now that she’s finished this marathon, Sales says she plans to take it easy for a few days.

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