Royal Endeavor! Kids Paint Crowns For Carnival Krewe

A group of young people took on a task fit for a queen today. In fact, their work will end up in the hands of a queen, her royal court and special guests.
News 25’s Toni Miles has more from Biloxi’s Ohr O’Keefe Museum of Art.
Jonathan Vieira has an eye for detail and a meaningful stroke, paying special attention to the task at hand, turning clay crowns to gold, an endeavor that takes painting precision. “I’ve done a lot of stuff. What I’ve learned today is that you can’t over clump it,” said Vieira.
Stacey Johnson, Ohr O’Keefe Museum of Art’s education director, said, “This is a camp. It’s our second year to do this camp with Keesler. It’s for special needs children. It’s a week-long camp. We’re on the last day today, so this culminates a week of art for them, working on the crowns.”
Crowns that these youngsters will one day present to the biggest Mardi Gras krewe on the Coast during a royal reception. Steve Polk, captain of the Gulf Coast Carnival Association, said, “Gulf Coast Carnival Association is working with the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art and has commissioned them to work with the special needs camp to paint crowns that Queen Ixolib will actually be presenting to the attendees of her Queen’s Luncheon of 2016.”
Presented by the very talented hands polishing up these crowns, these crowns are fit for a queen and her royal guests.
The group’s been busy all week long, working on the pottery wheel, making mixed media robots and crafting clay castles and structures.

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