Rough-toothed dolphin rescued

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies rescued a juvenile rough-toothed dolphin that was stranded in Biloxi.

The dolphin is 6’10” long and 140 pounds. The IMMS tells News 25 the dolphin had hooks in its mouth when rescued. It is under 24 hour observation from the IMMS staff due to its serious condition.

The rough-toothed dolphin is common in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is rare to see them this close to shore.

The rehabilitation process is similar to sea turtles. Any time these animals are rescued, they are prone to have serious lung infections and other illnesses. Veterinarian Debra Moore said, “We just rescued her this morning. So, we really don’t know what the rehabilitation time is. We try to assess that. The first 24 hours are always critical, but then we decide how she’s doing and what medication we are going to use.”

This is the first rough-toothed dolphin rescued by IMMS.

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