Rotary Club of Pascagoula presents $40K in scholarships

The Rotary Club of Pascagoula had their annual scholarship ceremony awarding $40,000 in scholarships to 38 deserving students.

Each year, the rotary club hosts many fundraisers to fund the scholarships. The more money they raise throughout the year, the more money they can give to students within the City of Pascagoula.

This year, the rotary club raised $30,000 through their various fundraisers and the Bacot McCarty Foundation contributed $10,000. Rotary Club of Pascagoula President Stacie Zorn said, “Rotary is a service organization. Our motto is service above self and so through our service efforts of raising funds, we invest back into our community by investing in our students and allowing them to have a little financial freedom to continue their studies so that they will come back and invest in our communities.”

The scholarship applications process opens in January and closes in March.

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