Rolls Royce adds new facility to naval site in Pascagoula

When people think of Rolls Royce, you may think cars, however a Rolls Royce facility in Pascagoula has a different line of work.

After years of hard work, Rolls Royce held a grand opening ceremony for its brand new 26,000 square foot Center of Excellence facility within the Pascagoula Naval Site.

At this facility, the main priority is to manufacture propellers for naval platforms across the world. Rolls Royce Defense President Tom Bell said, “It’s extraordinary to be here to celebrate the facility, the employment we have been able to secure for the gulf south and to be a part of launching this product into the future.”

The site itself has faced several hardships over the years to get to this moment, such as nearly being closed not too long ago. Dep. Director Mary Martha Henson said, “This facility was actually slated for closing, so this is quite a success story to go from closing to celebrating this today.”

Along with the new facility comes more than 80 new employees, which triples what the site already had, and more are projected for the near future. Governor Tate Reeves said, “These are high quality, above average paying jobs as well, and so that’s really what we want to focus on is we not only want to bring jobs to our state, we want to bring better and higher paying jobs to our state, and that’s what today represents.”

The process of creating these propellers is extremely detailed and for some of the larger ones can take about two years to finish and send off to buyers. “We not only make the propellers from forgings – we forge the metal into castings, but then machine them from that casting to the finished product that you see behind me.”

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