Robots in Dangerous Situations

Bomb squad robots have made recent headlines for various uses during tragedies across the nation. News 25’s Kendra Turley joins to breakdown the benefits of bomb robots and gives us a closer look at a device right here on the Coast.
Earlier this month, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department used a bomb squad robot to pick up a gun from a suspect’s feet while he was looking elsewhere, disarming him.
Officers in New Jersey are also relying on the service of a bomb robot when dealing with an explosive device.
Bomb robots are becoming more and more common in dangerous situations, essentially keeping more humans out of harm’s way.
Biloxi’s robot, the F6A, is equipped with an arm, shoulder, elbow and wrist, which allows it to convert to different positions.
The robot can go under cars, inside dumpsters and truck beds and has multiple cameras attached, allowing police to see multiple angles of a dangerous area at a time. Michael Brennan with the Biloxi Bomb Squad said, “You start with the robot and we’re away remotely inside the vehicle operating it. We use the multiple camera angles to get an idea of what we’re dealing with and also the robot with its claw and its abilities, it can manipulate the package if necessary and maybe we’ll get a better idea of what’s inside.”
The Biloxi Bomb Squad is required to perform 16 hours of training each month, keeping up with the latest trends in bombs. They cover the majority of South Mississippi and respond to as far as Meridian.

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