Robert Foster campaigns on the Coast

Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster was campaigning here on the Coast today.

His first stop was a meet and greet at Harbor View Café in Long Beach. Foster spoke one on one with folks and answered questions in a group setting.

Foster, who many considered to be the underdog of the race, recently made national headlines for his refusal to allow a female journalist access to his campaign trip. Foster’s decision was part of what is known as the ‘Billy Graham Rule’ and he also credits his religion.

Now, Foster said this incident has helped his campaign and they have even started using the hashtag #mytruckmyrules on social media. They’re also selling products like t-shirts and bumper stickers with the saying on it. “Overwhelmingly, I think the people in Mississippi stand with me on me living up to my faith and my vows to my wife and my principles. I wasn’t trying to force my views onto anyone else. I offered other opportunities and ways for that reporter to come along. She could follow in her own vehicle, to bring someone with her. She had took offense to that, had an agenda, she wanted to write a story. No one ever thought it would get regional, much less national, but there we went. It has propelled my name ID to a whole different level than it ever was before and i think in a positive way. ”

The primary election for governor takes place next Tuesday, August 6th with the primary run-off elections on August 27th.

The general election takes place on November 5th.

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