Roadways and bridges funding plan

A 109-7 vote in the Mississippi House pushes a new form of legislation aimed at protecting the state’s infrastructure. News 25’s Kendra Turley breaks down what the approval of Senate Bill 2939 could mean for roads and bridges throughout Mississippi.
Harrison County District Supervisor Angel Middleton said, “The current state of our roads and bridges is definitely awful. That’s my take on it and we need some help.”
The Mississippi House of Representatives hopes to improve county and city infrastructure with a new transportation funding plan. Legislation proposed by Representative Trey Lamar would allocate $50 million toward improvements throughout the state. “The bill would spend that money on specifically road and bridge repair, 50 percent to MDOT and then 25 percent to counties and 25 percent to cities,” said Lamar.
The House put the proposal into Senate Bill 2939 which now returns to the Senate. If successful the legislation would divert online sales tax revenue from sellers like Amazon and other retailers in order to fund infrastructure for the state.
The bill also says more money would go into transportation if the state budget grows at least two percent a year. “First 50 percent of any money over and above two percent of growth will also go toward road and bridge repair,” said Lamar.
With this being the only bill regarding the state’s infrastructure left standing in the House, officials along the Coast hope legislators do whatever is necessary to protect what’s paid for. “You know, we drive them every day. We kind of take them for granted, but that is an asset. It is an asset that we have already paid for so it is an asset we need to protect,” said Middleton.

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