Road flooding one of the biggest concerns for Coast residents

Road flooding is one of the biggest concerns for residents as we’ve received plenty of rain in a short amount of time.

As the rain falls, the ground is becoming saturated. With no where else to go, the water covers the roads and fills the ditches.

Highway 90 along Harrison County has been especially problematic during this rain event. There has already been a few rescues performed.

Residents need to avoid traveling on flooded roads if possible and leave early enough so they can take their time driving and make detours if needed. Harrison County EMA Director Matt Stratton said, “Consider Pass Road or some of the alternate routes. Definitely slow down. You’ll need an increase in stopping distance with the wet roads, allowing more time for distance that’s what will keep everybody safe if you need to travel.”

River flooding will also be a concern for Harrison County residents and individuals that live along water ways need to make preparations now to get to a safe location and possibly wait out the river flooding.

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