Road Construction Issues in Biloxi

The ongoing road construction in Biloxi has run into more issues and residents are fed up. Today News 25’s Shelby Graham spoke with residents and business owners in Biloxi to hear their concerns.
Road work on Division Street is taking a slight detour because of issues underneath the surface. “The engineers have had to go back and redo some elevation for the construction once they got in and things on the ground aren’t quite like they thought they would be,” said Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Biloxi David Nichols.
The infrastructure was originally put down in 1957 and the problems are just now rising up. Biloxi City Council President Felix Gines says the issue should have been addressed seven years ago when the city first began planning to redo the roads after Katrina. Gines is hoping to find a temporary solution so residents don’t have to be inconvenienced much longer. “We’re looking for, in the community, a temporary solution even if it means paving some of the roads or paving a portion of the roads. Right now the residents have been suffering.”
Inez Thomas, a resident and business owner, says ongoing construction is beginning to affect, not only her driving, but business as well. She has to make other plans to get to work. “Sometimes, I leave my vehicle at home because the streets are so bad. I walk to work and I walk back because I don’t want to tear my vehicle up. That’s another bill for me.”
Resident Eula Corwell said, “You can’t keep your tires clean, the road is always, it’s just awful. It seems like there is no end to this. Somebody needs to have these roads fixed.”
David Nichols says that these new issues will not affect the outcome of the project and engineers are confident they will soon be back on schedule, creating a smooth road ahead for residents.

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