‘Rising Stars’ performing ‘Schoolhouse Rock Live’ this weekend

‘Schoolhouse Rock’ is an iconic scholastic TV program that incorporates dancing and singing to help teach young people important lessons.

Now, a group of students are bringing those lessons to our area with a live performance of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ in the first ever Walter Anderson Theater Project known as the ‘Rising Stars.’

The Walter Anderson Theater Project announced its brand new youth division the ‘Rising Stars.’ It’s a theater group of students preparing for their first show: “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” Theater Director Anthony Starcher said, “The program is designed to educate our young children from design, to acting, singing, musicians, piano, all of that and these kids have been working really, really hard on this production. They’ve had a lot of things thrown at them. They’re very adaptable. I’m just really thrilled and proud of them.”

Student performer Emersyn Grace said, “We’re doing a lot of practices, as you can see, and lots of just, measures to make sure we’ve got everything going. We’re doing a lot of singing. It’s a lot of singing and there are a lot of lines, too.”

This theater project is the first of its kind in Jackson County. Performer Addie Wilson says she is thankful to have a program like this right in her backyard and being in the show is a great way for her to learn a thing or two.  “Like, all the other theater things that I do are pretty far from my house, but I’m really excited to learn all this history, science, and math.”

This program is for students age eight through 18. Starcher says the benefits of being in this program could stem from after high school for these students. “It also offers scholarships. It’s actually a program that’s been established by Michelle Hebert Children’s Fund and some kind donations. It’s really meant to be all inclusive. We really want all the kids to come out and enjoy themselves and learn a little bit about the arts.”

The show is all weekend at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center. Saturday’s show takes place at 7:30 and then the show runs at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are on sale at the door.

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