‘Rising Stars’ give Gulfport High School seniors taste of adulthood

For the eighth year, Gulfport High offers an exclusive chance for outgoing seniors to learn real life skills from our Coast Professionals.

The Rising Stars program is the brain child of Public Relations Director Sandy East.

On the big day, seniors get to sit down with local business leaders and do mock interviews, learn professional etiquette, talk about social media, and a long list of other learning opportunities.

This is especially useful for those seniors who haven’t had jobs before as they enter the workforce, they’ll take some of these skills with them well into adulthood. “The takeaway for the student is that there are a lot of things that are important that make them a more well-rounded student, a more well-rounded human being. Some of the information they’re learning, they can start using tomorrow, with the social media do’s and don’ts. They can start utilizing, they’ve got prom coming up in two weeks and they can start using the dining etiquette.”

The program also taught students about dressing for the job and financial literacy.

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