Rhythm of the Coast: Tarik Fields saves lives in more ways than one

Each Tuesday in February, News 25 will feature a black musician making history in our Rhythm of the Coast segment.

Tarik Fields saves lives for a living as a Gulfport and airport firefighter. He also heals others with his music, playing guitar at Grace Temple Baptist Church.

“Sometimes I’m firefighter Tarik and sometimes I’m Tarik the musician.”

A man wearing several different hats, Tarik Fields is unique in his profession and talent as a guitar player. He grew up in Booneville, Mississippi where his love for music began. “My mom always used to sing in a choir in church and my dad was also a gospel singer in what we call a quartet group.”

At the age of 12, Fields started playing drums at church. In high school, he was drum captain and won two state championships. “I play for my own personal healing. I used to play for the audience, but I’ve learned that I have to play for me.”

Fields moved to the Coast in 2009, where he’s played in many different bands and on big stages for celebrities like Marvin Sapp, however, music isn’t his only passion. His desire to save lives led him to becoming a Gulfport firefighter. “Being a fire fighter does collide with a musician’s schedule because most of the time musicians are normally busy on holidays and weekends and as a firefighter, I’m bound to a station for 24 hours.”

“One of my captains used to mess with me because my name is Tarik and he would say Guitarik, that’s what he would call me.”

Music helps Fields destress from his role at Gulfport Fire Department and as an airport firefighter for the Combat Readiness Training Center. “I’m going to do my best I can to make it work because music is something I’ll never give up. As long as I can breathe, music is something I’ll always do. It’ll always be a part of me.”

Fields is making black history by demonstrating the dedication to do all that you love and sticking to your passion.

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