Rhythm of the Coast: Scypion Davis spreading gospel through art and music

It’s Black History Month. Each Tuesday in February News 25 will feature a black musician making history in our Rhythm of the Coast segment.

A man of many different talents, Scypion Davis spreads his gospel through music in several churches along the Coast. He owns 15 instruments and can play nine, making him an asset in the music industry.

Born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, 37-year-old Scypion Davis identified as a multi-instrumentalist. He plays bass, saxophone, piano or keys, drums, flute, electric guitar, and violin. “Saxophone was my first love because it allows me to express music in a way that I think is at the deepest level of who I am as a person.”

At eight-years-old, Davis first learned to play hand drums in church, a place many black musicians get their first experience in music. “Music can bring healing to the soul and to the spirit if its anointed. Within the black church especially, we love music. We have a deep appreciation for it. It is one of the main staples of our services.”

Davis studied jazz at the University of Southern Mississippi and was a member of the band. “That’s where I really started to understand how to take these different concepts and really put them into practice and it’s been in my music ever since.”

Aside from a musician, Davis also describes himself as a servant, filling in wherever he’s needed at several different churches. His ability to learn every role in his industry makes him a valuable asset. “You sort of have to spread your net and do more things. So, if you can only play one instrument, you’re going to limit your stream of income.”

Self-expression through art, music, and poetry is the ultimate three-dimensional experience Davis wants to share with audiences. “To bring something that is a reflection of my relationship with God and to express that in a service in a moment and really touch people, bring them to tears, or help them through what they’re going through or free them from whatever they may be wrestling with in their minds, is a very invaluable experience.”

Davis is making Black History creating a collection of art for generations to appreciate. This year, Davis is releasing a few solo projects and forming a gospel band named Forgiven.

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