Rhythm of the Coast: Kash’s musical gifts open doors and opportunities

It’s the last Rhythm of the Coast segment where News 25 features a black musician making history along the Coast.

Kashus Colpepper has a voice that draws you into his music. He’s a 24-year-old musician who only started playing guitar three years ago.

His talent opened doors in his musical career and allows him to occupy space no one before him has. He’s an inspiration, even if he doesn’t know it yet, as the only black musician playing live music in Downtown Ocean Springs.

At 24-years-old Kashus Colpepper, AKA Kash, from Alexander City, Alabama is making Black History on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as the only black musician and singer booking gigs on Government Street in Ocean Springs. “You really become a part of the community once you start playing music and it opens a lot of doors around here.”

His range of music tastes and styles paired with his raspy deep voice sets him apart. “A mix between folk, country, blues, r&b, soul, stuff that makes you feel good.”

Similar to most black musicians, Kash got his start in church. He grew up in a family of singers, his mother and sisters all sang in church. In 2017, he joined the Navy and moved to Mississippi. In 2019, he picked a guitar for the first time and his world opened up. “The Peter Anderson Festival down here in Ocean Springs, that was a big eye opener for me. I was like this will go somewhere if I just keep going. I don’t know it just blew my mind.”

He started his career performing at open mic nights and the crowd reactions to his musical gift left to job bookings. “Salty Peach was one of the first spots I started playing at and from here it just, people started finding out about me down here and it just grew across the whole Coast.”

You can call him Mr. Booked and Busy. “Six or seven gigs a week and putting that on top of my regular job, I just like this is crazy. Does anyone else see what’s going on? This stuff is crazy man.”

In his short 24 years of life, following his passion for music led to an unexpected fulfilling career and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Catch Kash live Friday night in Gulfport at Centennial Plaza from 5 to 8 p.m.

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