Rhythm of the Coast: Corey Christy playing bass along the MS Sound

It’s Black History Month. Each Tuesday in February, News 25 will feature a black musician making history in our Rhythm of the Coast Segment.

Playing that jazz funk second line sound the Gulf Coast is familiar with, co-founder of Blackwater Brass and Karate Kids Corey Christy is making black history by continuing to bring new creative sounds to audiences along the Coast.

The popular second-line jazz band known as Blackwater Brass was co-founded by Corey Christy of Biloxi. Christy was born and raised in Biloxi and graduated from Biloxi High School. He didn’t start playing music until college, but now plans to spend the rest of his life in front of an audience. “I was just a little late to it, but I grew up listening to funk and R&B and soul and just always loved the low-end drums and bass have always been my favorite.”

Starting off, he was playing rock music then found his rhythm in funk. The success that followed Blackwater Brass is over a decade in the making. “A few of us in the room, kind of jamming and figuring out what we want to do and slowly adding people as we went. It took about ten years to get it exactly where I wanted it.”

Christy wanted to bring a new sound to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We were able to come in and do something fresh for the area. With New Orleans being close by, people are familiar with that sound, the second line kind of jazz drive sound, but it hadn’t really existed here in Biloxi.”

The public reaction to the band’s authenticity quickly gained popularity. Christy wishes the best to Blackwater Brass as they continue in their success. This year, for the first time, they are headed to Austin, Texas to play at the 2022 South by Southwest Festival.

The late night gigs no longer fit his lifestyle as a stepdad and husband, but now he finds himself apart of a new band ‘Karate Kids,’ who play along the Coast at daytime events and festivals. “I do have two step kids that play with me now. They’re in the band at school and they enjoy it so keeping the tradition going.”

When he’s not jamming out, Christy is admiring or creating art and biking around the city. “I hope that I’ve introduced people to new music and really importantly taught musicians that you can do the thing you like. You don’t have to do what is an expectation. You can go out there, do what you enjoy.”

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