‘Reunion at the Union’ in Biloxi

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich’s vision of returning Howard Avenue to all its former glory has been complete for a few months, but now it’s time to celebrate.

Tomorrow, the city and Merit Health Biloxi will formerly mark the reopening of Howard Avenue with ‘Reunion at the Union’ which is being billed as a downtown Biloxi street party with music, fun, food, and games.

The free gathering will be held at the corner of Howard Avenue and Rue Magnolia at the former site of the Union Bar, a notorious hangout.

The event starts at 4:06 p.m. which is a nod to the 406 Club, a reputed bookie joint raided by the federal government decades ago. Mayor Gilich said, “Magnolia Street and Howard Avenue are sort of the crosshairs of downtown. The Union Bar was the place where people would gather, teenagers, and it was sort of the ‘Cheers’ of Biloxi as well as the 406 Club which was a place where you could play games of chance.”

Much of the ‘District on Howard Avenue’ has focused on the Barq Building, but the overall project includes plans for housing units, boutique shops, local breweries, restaurants, music venues, and office space.

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