Retirees Head to New Orleans

A group of Singing River retirees loaded up on a bus in Jackson County earlier this morning and left for New Orleans for their appeal hearing.
Attorneys for a large group of retirees will pitch an oral argument before the fifth circuit court of appeals. A panel of three judges will hear the arguments and rebuttals from each side and ask questions. The appeal is an effort by a group of 200 retirees to either allow an opt-out clause or completely stop the pension settlement that U.S. District Court Judge Louis Guirola Jr. signed off on last year.
Retirees tell News 25 their hope is strong for justice to be served. Singing River Health System Retiree Maury Thompson said, “We all believe that justice does come whether it be from a judge or whether it be from above, but if you don’t have hopes of things going the way it should go then there’s no reason to hope for anything.”
After the estimated two hour hearing, a decision could take up to two months or come down right away.

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