Retired Moss Point Educator Found Dead in Home

Police continue to search for answers that led to the death of a retired Moss Point principal this afternoon. The 64-year-old victim was found dead with multiple stab wounds inside of his Moss Point home.
News 25’s Kendra Turley brings us the latest in the investigation.
Police search for answers as the Moss Point community mourns the tragic loss of a 64-year-old retired educator. Marshalle Rush is a friend of the victim. She said, “He was a principal at Charlotte Hyatt. He was also a principal at Creole Elementary. Whenever they had a school that was low performing, they would bring Dr. Williams in and he would bring the school up to par.”
Police say no one had seen or heard from 64-year-old Willie C. Williams in a couple of days, which was highly unusual for the highly active and social senior. His absent presence prompted loved ones to pay a visit to his home on Charles Street.
Family members say they knew something was strange as soon as they pulled up to the house. His truck was missing from the driveway and the front door was cracked open. When they entered the home, they found Williams dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds. Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung said, “We are working some leads. We do have some leads. Some people of interest, but until we have something more concrete. We’ll release those names at that time.”
Police are investigating Williams’ death as a homicide. Zy’Kerie Williams is the niece of the victim. “It had to be somebody close to him for them to get in the house.” Thomas Williams, the victim’s brother, said, “It was uncalled for, an uncalled for murder. Brutal.”
Neal Doss lived next door to Williams for over 40 years and says he never witnessed any confrontations or anything suspicious. “The last time I saw him was Tuesday. He got his yard cut Wednesday and I didn’t see his truck no more.”
The missing truck was later found outside of an apartment complex on Shortcut Road.
As police continue to investigate, family and close friends of the victim are encouraging anyone with answers to come forward. Jeanette Wells, a friend of the victim, said, “To anyone who knows of this person that done this, if it’s in your heart and your heart has conscience, you need to turn yourself in.”

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